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2023 Hurricane Season – Identifying Risk & Safety Measures
Disasters are an inevitable, un­avoidable truth. Emotions will be high as hurricane season ap­proaches. There will be fear and uncer­tainty. However, steps can be taken to manage disasters effectively. A big role in recovery is understanding that anxi­ety, trouble sleeping and other symp­toms are common responses before, during and... Read more
New Kids on the CRE Block: How Two Junior Agents Found Success
Step by step, a generational wave is emerging in the commercial real estate brokerage community. Over 50% of agents are now under 40 years old. Selling, leasing and representing commercial real estate (CRE) is recognized for high earnings potential; half of CRE professionals earn six figures annually. This often... Read more
Inappropriate Contracting: Avoid FARBAR Contracts for Residential New Construction
There is an alarming trend in which residential builders, real estate agents and sellers enter into contracts for new construction using the “As Is” Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase. Also known as the FAR-BAR Contract, the document is a valuable tool in most residential real estate transactions. However,... Read more
Learning & Recovering from Hurricane Ian
Hurricane Ian left its mark across Florida, in both hearts and minds, espe­cially among the residents of Southwest Florida who continue to rebuild. Going forward, our biggest lesson learned will be taking a step back to acknowledge successes, recognize missteps and deter­mine new protocols for future challenges we will... Read more
The Real Future of Real Estate
Mention the words “Bitcoin” or “crypto” at a dinner party and you’re likely to spark conversation. True hysteria around these tech­nologies set a financial bubble in motion that ballooned to a $3 trillion market cap in November 2021, only to crash back to earth in the first half of... Read more
1031 Exchange Can Be a Great Wealth Builder
There are many factors that can impact both the short-term and long-term value of your real estate investment. For example, in 2019, a client purchased a Taco Bell in Southwest Florida for $2.26 million. At the time, this particular submarket was experiencing incredible population migration. The purchaser acquired the... Read more
Interest Rates: Where Do We Go from Here?
If you had asked me 45 days ago what I thought interest rates were doing, I would have said they would remain relatively flat like they have for the past few months, with a gradual increase. All bets are off since we saw an annual U.S. inflation rate of... Read more
Coin Toss or Predictable? The Future of Commercial Real Estate
Trying to look ahead after the past couple of years may give anyone a feeling of vertigo. From predicting the worst to record-setting growth, the Southwest Florida commer­cial real estate market has certainly not disappointed the thrill-seekers in the crowd. Thrills can be good – and were – but... Read more
What’s Going There: Airport Edition
The scaffolding has been re­moved from the new air traffic control tower at Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), serving as a visual reminder of the rapid growth and transformation of our region. The travel and tourism industry has long been Southwest Florida’s major economic driver. While travel trends are... Read more
Buying Real Estate with Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency has become a le­gitimate investment opportunity, attracting the attention of large institutional investors seeking to take advantage of the tremendous growth of cryptocurrency to enhance personal and corporate profits. For those in­volved in real estate transactions, this new technology creates challenges to those who attempt to navigate a... Read more