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Solar Energy is Hot on This Year’s Florida Ballots
This year, on two separate election days, Florida voters had — and will have — the opportunity to vote on two different constitutional amendments. Amendment 4: Florida Tax Exemptions for Renewable Energy Equipment (Editor’s Note: At press time, the August 30th primary had yet to occur and therefore, it... Read more
Advanced Property Tax Strategies For 2016
As the real estate bull market continues unabated, astute property owners will carefully scrutinize their 2016 valuations. Property tax reduction efforts are more likely to succeed by using the following advanced strategies. Here’s the countdown: 8. Use The Cost Approach To Test Reasonableness Of New Construction Assessments. Although the... Read more
Area Commercial Properties Remain in Market Cycle’s Sweet Spot
When people ask me about the health of the local commercial real estate market, they’re usually looking for answers to a black-and-white question: Are we gaining momentum or losing steam? Unfortunately, market conditions are rarely that clear-cut. I think what people really want to know is where our market... Read more
High Demand, New Development Drive Area’s Self-Storage Industry
Southwest Florida’s self-storage industry has been on the rise since late 2011 and there’s a new wave of activity in store for 2016. As the residential real estate market improved after the recession, builders’ needs for storage escalated and growth demands were seemingly insatiable. Consequentially, investors saw high potential... Read more
Technology’s Transformative Effect on Consumer Habits, Retail Space
If you haven’t heard the term, “omnichannel fulfillment,” you probably will soon. It refers to the multiple means by which consumers can obtain retail goods. For example, they can buy online for in-store pickup, buy in store and have it delivered, or conduct the entire transaction online. The Retail... Read more
Popularity of 1031 Exchanges Reflects Market Strength
Over the last year or so, Southwest Florida’s real estate market has been heating up, making 2015 a banner year for property owners who wanted to sell during the downturn but couldn’t, even at significantly reduced prices. Today, buyers outnumber sellers, even as real estate prices continue to rise.... Read more
Small Tenants DO Matter!
For some landlords, determining which tenant should occupy a space on their rent roll is harder than ever. Although the goals of most landlords are fairly consistent—fill vacancies, increase cash flow, stabilize asset and hope to add overall value — many fail to execute on valuable leases for reasons... Read more
Top 10 Tips for Successfully Appealing Property Taxes
With preliminary 2015 property tax values estimated to rise 5.5% in Lee County and 8.4% in Collier County over 2014, I expect to see an increase in the number of property tax appeals from local property owners. In case you are among them, I have the following top 10... Read more
Repurposing Office Space a Prudent Investment
In Southwest Florida, many of our commercial office buildings are designed with large, private offices built around a cluster of cubicles — the traditional way. But as our economy recovers and the workforce evolves, tenants are demanding a different type of office environment that’s in short supply in our... Read more
Customers, Employees Agree They’re in Good Hands With Ted Todd Insurance
Ask Ted Todd about his insurance agency and he’s likely to talk about the importance of good office design, climbing Mt. Fuji or employee health and wellness — basically, anything other than the nuts and bolts of his industry. “It might seem a little silly for a guy who’s... Read more