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Think Twice Before Filing Notices of Commencement for Infrastructure Improvements
Those involved in construction are likely familiar with a Notice of Commencement (NOC), a document typically required by Florida’s Construction Lien Law prior to constructing improvements. Usually, this is an innocuous administrative procedure that accompanies permitting. However, not all construction requires a NOC, and problems can arise when one... Read more
Protecting and Insuring Your Commercial Investment
There’s more to protecting  your commercial property than  just mitigating damages. It’s about  protecting your future. That’s why it’s  so important to understand what an  insurance policy CAN cover and what  your policy actually DOES cover. If you are a commercial property  owner, you should always plan for  unknown... Read more
Trends in Storage Facilities
If you’ve driven around Southwest Florida lately, you’ve likely seen a lot of new storage facilities popping up. Driving this trend, in part, is the fact that 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day. Typical of empty nesters and retirees is the desire to downsize their homes, which creates... Read more
Six Tips for Negotiating Leasehold Improvements
Commercial space is rarely in turnkey condition for the tenant. As a result, landlords and tenants must negotiate leasehold improvements in order for the leasing transaction to move forward. This can affect new leases, amendments or renewals of existing leases. Below are some tips when negotiating and drafting the... Read more
Alternative Lenders Offer Financing Options to Commercial Community
Although banks today are closing on fewer than 30% of all applications submitted, that’s still an improvement over the 15% of a couple of years ago. As always, the financial markets abhor a vacuum and a new breed of lenders has entered the marketplace. For the first time in... Read more
Commercial Office Trends And Alternatives For Start-Ups
Across the country, we continue to see a variety of innovative office space solutions for small companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups. These solutions include innovation hubs, virtual offices, work/home options, executive suites and shared space. Most conventional office landlords strive for long-term leases (three or more years) on at least... Read more
Top 10 Due Diligence Questions to Ask Prior to Purchasing Property
Before closing on a commercial property, buyers should always perform due diligence to make sure they know all material facts about their potential investment. The extent and scope of the due diligence varies with each property and depends on the goal of the buyer. For example, will the buyer... Read more
Is Your Business Prepared For Tropical Storm Season?
The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins June 1st, which means that now is the time to devise a plan for protecting your personal and commercial assets. Having resided in Florida most of my life, I’ve experienced my share of storms, as well as the prepping, planning and anxiety that... Read more
The Unique Benefits, Drawbacks of National, Regional and Local Companies
There are many critical decisions that every commercial real estate advisor must make in the course of their professional career. Having worked in the industry for more than 40 years, I believe that one of the most important is, ”Who should I hang my license with and why?” The... Read more
Planning for a Mass Casualty Event
The recent mass casualty events in Sutherland Springs, Texas as well as in Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale and around the world have many of us thinking about public safety and how we would react in such circumstances. As a result, prudent property managers are starting to assess their on-site... Read more