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Common Copyright Pitfalls in the Real Estate and Construction Industries
In today’s internet-driven economy, real estate and construction profes­sionals recognize the importance of using digital content, including photo­graphs and videos, to reach consumers. However, this often creates unique intellectual property issues, includ­ing potential copyright infringement questions, when pictures or videos are sourced inappropriately. Copyright law protects the creative expression... Read more
Mitigation/Preparedness for 2020 Hurricane Season
Hurricanes are one of nature’s most powerful and destructive occurrences. By knowing what actions to take, you can increase the likelihood your business will survive. Nevertheless, while hurricanes pose the greatest threat to life and property, tropical storms and depressions that spawn tornados can be equally devastating. BUILDING PREPARATION... Read more
Commercial Leasing: The Devil is in the Details
While residential tenancies have many terms and protections set out in the Florida statutes that cannot be waived, the same cannot be said about commercial tenancies. As a result, the general rule of thumb is that if a condition or situation is not addressed by your commercial lease the... Read more
Vacation Homes and 1031 Exchange Tax Deferral
Millions of property owners own second/vacation homes in Florida, which very likely have appreciated significantly over the past decade. Although appreciation boosts return on investment, it can also lead to significant capital gain taxes owed at the time of disposition. Many of these second/vacation homes may qualify for 100%... Read more
Options for Commercial Property Owners When Handling Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights
Oil, gas, and mineral (OGM) rights are not uncommon, especially in Collier County and certain areas of Lee County. Unfortunately, outdated OGM leases and rights reservations often cause headaches for buyers when these issues show up on title. Below are some tips for combating OGM rights issues on your... Read more
What’s Driving the Stability of Southwest Florida’s Industrial Market?
As commercial real estate interests nationwide prepare for a potential economic slowdown, Florida’s commercial real estate market continues to thrive unabated. Further, there’s no indication of imminent change. The ongoing boom in activity is largely the result of the state’s robust population, job, and income growth. These factors bode... Read more
Booming Economy Fuels Rise in Community Projects
One of the best things to emerge from the post-recession boom in Southwest Florida is the marked increase in non-profit projects, due to the generosity of corporate and private donors. Increased funding has enabled the growth of private schools, places of worship, environmental and animal services, zoos, museums, and... Read more
Think Twice Before Filing Notices of Commencement for Infrastructure Improvements
Those involved in construction are likely familiar with a Notice of Commencement (NOC), a document typically required by Florida’s Construction Lien Law prior to constructing improvements. Usually, this is an innocuous administrative procedure that accompanies permitting. However, not all construction requires a NOC, and problems can arise when one... Read more
Protecting and Insuring Your Commercial Investment
There’s more to protecting  your commercial property than  just mitigating damages. It’s about  protecting your future. That’s why it’s  so important to understand what an  insurance policy CAN cover and what  your policy actually DOES cover. If you are a commercial property  owner, you should always plan for  unknown... Read more
Trends in Storage Facilities
If you’ve driven around Southwest Florida lately, you’ve likely seen a lot of new storage facilities popping up. Driving this trend, in part, is the fact that 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day. Typical of empty nesters and retirees is the desire to downsize their homes, which creates... Read more