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Seagate Development Group: Defining the Southwest Florida Development Landscape Seagate Development Group: Defining the Southwest Florida Development Landscape
  The development landscape in South­west Florida is as diverse as it is complex. As more companies pursue opportuni­ties within the region, those seeking... Seagate Development Group: Defining the Southwest Florida Development Landscape


The development landscape in South­west Florida is as diverse as it is complex. As more companies pursue opportuni­ties within the region, those seeking to develop land and launch commercial construction projects recognize the importance of partnering with a savvy, experienced company to set themselves up for success from the start.

Established in 2015, Seagate Devel­opment Group is a vertically integrated developer/contractor with more than $2.5 billion in development projects and $400 million in current construction contracts. Its portfolio of work has left an indelible mark across Southwest Florida in Char­lotte, Lee and Collier counties. From corporate headquarters and industrial facilities to breweries and restaurants, Seagate has handled a diverse range of projects of varying sizes and types.

The Fort Myers-based company has quickly earned a reputation for excel­lence – one that its clients appreciate in an industry that is often known for schedule delays and budget overages. With its team of 300 employees, Seagate has a core focus on high quality, schedule adherence and value engineering to meet the needs of their clients.


Seagate brings together diverse exper­tise with an extensive array of services, including land acquisition, entitlements, design, permitting, site development, construction, interior design, sales, leas­ing, asset and property management, and disposition. The company boasts a marine division that handles beach resto­rations and seawall constructions. Seagate founded Theory Design, its award-winning luxury interior design company, in 2018. Additionally, it operates a divi­sion producing its aggregate materials, and acquired Earth Tech Enterprises in 2021. With Earth Tech, its services also include mining, aggregate processing, land development, marine projects, beach and shoreline services, environmental solutions and other specialized offerings.

Seagate President James A. Nulf Jr., elaborated on the company’s diverse capabilities, “We’re equipped to manage everything from vast industrial com­plexes to intimate residential projects. Our adaptability allows us to meet the varied needs of our clients with precision and excellence.”



One size can fit all with Seagate De­velopment Group, as clients can decide how they want to engage with the devel­oper/contractor. Whether it’s start-to-finish, full-project partnership or specific components of the project, Seagate has built out capabilities to handle it all.

Seagate has developed corporate headquarters for some notable local companies, including Scotlynn and NeoGenomics. The company has also proven it is equally adept at managing smaller-scale commercial endeavors.

“We want to work with other de­velopers to build their buildings,” notes Nulf. “We have the ability to take their properties through entitlement. We can provide development services and we can provide general contracting services.”

Seagate’s clients have found that collaborating with them on one project leads to opportunities for involvement in other ways.

“It’s been fascinating to see their growth over the years,” says Tim Apel, who has been a Seagate client for eight years. Seagate provides property man­agement services for Metro Center, an industrial park Apel owns in Fort My­ers. “The relationship has led to some additional partnerships, including their mine, a Naples subdivision and a few other properties.”

Apel values Seagate’s integrity and consistent quality. “Their approach is akin to that of a luxury service provider. It’s rare to find such dedication and hon­esty in property management,” he says. His ongoing investments with Seagate across various sectors highlight the deep trust and satisfaction that Seagate clients have in their capabilities.

As a vertically integrated company, Seagate has different companies that specialize in separate services.

“Our company has many different arms with expertise in multiple facets of development, allowing us to provide a one-stop shop to our customers,” says Matthew Price, CEO of Seagate Devel­opment Group.


Seagate is committed to a client-centric approach, adapting its method­ologies to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Seagate focuses on each project to ensure that, regardless of its size, it’s handled with the utmost care. “We be­lieve in building strong relationships with our clients, guiding them through every step of the process,” says Price.

This approach is reflected in the company’s project management strate­gies, which emphasize timely com­munication, adherence to budgets and meticulous attention to detail.

“Our goal is to enhance project value through innovative design and efficient execution, delivering cost-effective yet high-quality outcomes,” says Price. “While typical contractors are trying to build and make a markup on what they’re building, we can’t help ourselves as a developer to look at value-engineer­ing options and ways to build what needs

to be built, but also build it the right way and in more of a cost-effective way. This has given us a strong advantage in the market.”

The approach is appreciated by its clientele, who recognize the emphasis Seagate’s team places on communication.


The Gulf Landing Logistics Center project, spearheaded by Malcolm Butters of Butters Construction Development, exemplifies the reach of Seagate’s of­fering. This project involves creating a massive 2.2 million sf of industrial space in numerous phases, strategically located on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway just north of Alico Road. Butters engaged Earth Tech Enterprises to handle all site work. Led by Earth Tech Enterprises Vice President Ben Figley, the team brought in 1 million cubic yards of fill, along with handling all land clearing and muck removal.

“That is no small task,” says Butters. “For perspective, each dump truck is only 15-17 cubic yards.”

He continues, “In my world, if I don’t hear anything, it’s a beautiful thing. Nothing really has gone wrong, and I think we’ve had hardly any change orders, which is the biggest fear you can have as a developer. That means the Earth Tech team did a great job estimat­ing the project from the beginning and they have their act together.”

Butters notes the importance of this $400 million project for his company and how Seagate has been instrumen­tal throughout the process. “They’re strategic partners for us – more than subcontractors. We’ll be re-engaging with them for subsequent phases of this project, as well.

“In 35 years of business, we’ve de­veloped over 25 million sf, handling $1.4 billion of construction projects. Earth Tech Enterprises is as good – if not the best – of any site contracting company we’ve ever worked with.”


Elsewhere in Fort Myers, just south of the Lee Health Sports Complex at the Six Mile Cypress Parkway and Michael G. Rippe Parkway intersection, site work for a different kind of project is starting. Resurgence Brewing is a Buffalo, New York-based brewery planning to open a satellite brewpub and full-service res­taurant, with an adjacent rock-climbing facility, Central Rock Gym.

Resurgence Brewing Owner Jeff Ware needed a trusted partner to enter the Fort Myers market. He chose Seagate for its local expertise and comprehensive service offerings. “Seagate has been instrumental in helping us navigate the intricacies of the local building environ­ment, ensuring our project advances smoothly,” Ware says.

The company helped Ware success­fully navigate the rezoning process with Lee County from general commercial district to industrial planned develop­ment, which allows for recreation and the restaurant.

“It’s been great working with them,” says Ware. “They have a very experi­enced team with a lot of knowledge on different aspects of getting projects approved through the county and to the building stage in a relatively complex environment.”

The project is sizable at 12,000sf. Re­surgence Brewing is set to open in 2025 and is a testament to Seagate’s ability to adapt to the specific needs of newcomers to the region.

“It’s been great to have a team on the ground that I have a lot of confidence in, especially as I’m not there,” Ware says. “They’ve been really nice to work with and understanding as we have learned the nuances of development in South­west Florida.”


Dr. Jon Berlie with Casa Napoli LLC engaged Seagate to help him develop Alico Prime Flex Industrial Center, a 40,000sf multi-tenant industrial build­ing. Showcasing its expertise in com­mercial real estate development, Earth Tech handled the land preparation and Seagate acted as the general contractor.

“Their communication is proac­tive, and they are always on top of the project details, which makes the entire development process smoother and more predictable,” notes Berlie. “It’s been a very positive experience. They’re a very well-run organization.”

The building was completed in June. Berlie has already secured leases with multiple tenants who want to move in, with more companies to be signed on.

Seagate also recently completed a design-build project for California Clos­ets, a custom closet and organization sys­tems company. The 40,000sf, single-story pre-engineered metal building is located on approximately 4 acres of Alico Trade Center in Fort Myers. Mark Coon, vice president of commercial building for Seagate, and his team handled the com­plete build of the project, including land development services from Earth Tech. The facility includes more than 28,000sf of both factory industrial and storage warehouse space, along with more than 11,000sf of office and showroom space. Seagate’s team delivered the project on time and budget to California Closets, which began occupying the space in May.

“Delivering quality results, on time and within budget, is the cornerstone of our commitment to our clients,” says Price. “Sometimes you need someone to take a step back and really think it through to make sure that it is the most cost-effective and beneficial end product for your clients. And that’s what we’ve been able to do and how we’ve been able to be successful in this business.”


As Seagate Development Group continues to expand its influence across Florida, the company’s early involvement in projects allows for comprehensive planning and execution. “Starting early in the development process provides us with a strategic advantage, enabling us to shape projects more effectively from the outset,” says Nulf.

With a commitment to excellence and a visionary approach, Seagate is well-equipped to handle future develop­ment challenges and opportunities. For those looking to embark on a develop­ment project in Florida, partnering with Seagate Development Group promises not just the construction of buildings, but the creation of enduring value.