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Visionary Seagate Plans for Growth
When Seagate Development Group acquired a rock mine in east Lee County earlier this year, it was another example of why the firm is considered one of the most forward-thinking construction and development companies in Southwest Florida. The $15 million deal for the 502-acre Bell Boulevard Mine on State... Read more
Waltbillig & Hood Emerges as a Leading Construction Firm
At six years old, Waltbillig & Hood is a relatively new construction company in a region flush with generations of old firms. Yet, the Naples-based company already has earned a reputation as one of Southwest Florida’s leading general contractors. Waltbillig & Hood has built an impres­sive project portfolio with... Read more
Randy Krise Doesn’t Need a Crystal Ball – HE HAS 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!
Savvy real estate investors recog­nize that Randy Krise has an uncanny ability to spot Southwest Florida’s next big area for development. It may be a crystal ball, intuition, street smarts, nose for opportunity or simply experience. Krise, founder of Krise Real Estate Group in Fort Myers, has four decades... Read more
Lakeside Storage Suites The Neighborhood of Fun
Most developers of luxury storage units shy away from the term “man cave.” And the reason has nothing to do with political correctness. It’s because you can’t invite your friends over for beer or have any kind of recreation in an industrial zone because the county doesn’t permit it.... Read more
Wright Construction Group Building it Wright in Southwest Florida
Few commercial builders in Florida can claim to have transformed an entire central business district with a single project. But it’s fair to say Wright Construc­tion Group did just that with the down­town Fort Myers landmark waterfront project that turned the city’s underused riverfront into a sparkling new destina­tion.... Read more
Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons: Steeped in history, focused on the future
In Florida’s volatile real estate market, it often pays to seek the counsel of professionals with historical roots in the community who can provide valuable insights on the future of the area’s development. The firm of Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons has been the go-to consulting firm for real estate... Read more
Architectural Firm Celebrates Four Decades of Excellence
GMA Architects & Planners embodies longevity and success as a professional architecture firm in Southwest Florida. Over four decades, GMA has successfully passed the baton from one generation of architects to the next while adapting to the ever-changing market. As the firm celebrates its 40th anniversary, Ramon Acevedo, GMA’s... Read more
Alico ITEC Business Park The Epicenter for Industrial Growth in Southwest Florida
Timing is everything in real estate. Just ask Paul Hardy, the longtime Southwest Florida developer whose 240-acre Alico ITEC Business Park will benefit from the area’s economic recovery. ITEC stands for innovation, technology, enterprise, and commerce and is situated off Alico Road, east of I-75, south of Southwest Florida’s... Read more
Seagate Delivers Top-Quality Projects to Southwest Florida Commercial, Residential Clients
Few development and construction firms in Southwest Florida have reported such meteoric success in recent years as Seagate Development Group. From palatial homes in luxury communities such as Quail West and Talis Park to gleaming corporate headquarters for companies such as Emcyte, NeoGenomics and Scottlynn, Seagate has made its... Read more
Crowther Roofing Continues to Grow and Diversify After More Than Six Decades in Business
Founded in Joliet, Illinois in 1955 and relocated in 1974 by Lee Crowther, Sr., Fort Myers-based Crowther Roofing and Sheet Metal of Florida is one of the most prominent names in the roofing and construction business. With about $95 million in annual revenues, it is one of the top... Read more